New Snapdragon 410E and Windows 10 iot core powered LoRaWAN base station is available for integration testing,

Important remark: This base station only works in combination with our Microsoft Azure LoRaWAN compatible platform!

Track & Trace of Vehicles & Assets

Telemetry & Sensor reading

Building Automation


The GUPSY platform

Gupsy develops and deploys a wireless IoT platform for customers worldwide, using LoRaWAN and LR-WPAN technologies.

This IoT platform is used for applications like:
- Sensor measurements
- Actuator communication
- Smart cities
- Tracking of assets, people, animals, �

GUPSY is an abbreviation of Global Urban Positioning and Sensor System. The meaning of these terms is:

Global: We deploy our platform to customers worldwide. Once a device is registered to the Gupsy platform, communication is possible with all Gupsy base stations worldwide.

Urban: Due to the relative short range of the radio links (up to 15km with LoRa), the use cases are mostly in urban areas.

Positioning: Via several techniques the location of the wireless modules can be measured.

Sensor: A big variation of sensors is supported. In the case of LoRa, all LoRa devices available on the market are supported, if they are available in the locally available frequency bands.

SYstem: It�s one system. We provide our own base stations and use one interconnected network server solution.

Commissioning apps are available for Windows and the following mobile platforms:


Gupsy develops LoRaWAN enabled sensors for specialized applications, focusing on pest control and smart city solutions.

With our bed bug monitor we received an award at the LoRa alliance Global IoT challenge: link

Some of the sensors which are now undergoing field tests with several clients are:

Temperature/Humidity sensor
Download info sheet
Aroma therapy diffuser /
Bedbug monitor
Download info sheet
Parking/Traffic sensor
Download info sheet
Download info sheet
EFKM (Electronic fly killer and monitor)
includes LoRaWAN base station

Gupsy is also developing temperature/humidity sensors, mobile outdoor air quality sensors, radon sensors, rodent monitoring sensors, ...

Samples of all these sensors are available for integration testing to selected clients.



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